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Solar power: At Anuvikaz (Chennai), we offer a comprehensive tour of a fully-functional Solar power plant that doubles up as a roof for a kitchen garden. Our aim at Anuvikaz is to evangelize resources that are abundant on Earth. Solar Energy is one such. For more information on the power of Solar and the role of Energy Efficiency, get in touch with our knowledge partner SASWAT DAS

 About Saswat Das

Saswat began his career as a Marine Engineer, recruited as a part of the AP Moller GSPM scholarship program. After a 14-year stint with Maersk Group, which saw him work with large tankers, car carriers and containers, and specialize in marine power plants, he paused to think about how he could better help the environment. Renewable energy called, and after a couple of projects that got him excited about the transformative power of energy management and rooftop solar, he decided to go all in. He set up Sunmeister Energy in 2014, a start-up that is into Energy Auditing and Solar Power Integration.

Saswat spends most of his time with his team of dedicated engineers, working with PV panels, designing energy-saving solutions and discussing clean energy and electric cars. He continues to work for the shipping industry on Marine ERP projects.

While he loves his work, he would rather be playing with his lab-desi dog, Mojo.

Bio digester: A working bio-digester will soon be available at Anuvikaz's office. The natural gas generated by organic waste acts as an effective cooking fuel.

Composting: It's no fun for our planet to be burdened anymore than she already is, especially with waste. Significant individual and community actions like composting can play a huge role in waste management- considering 60-70% of day-to-day waste an average household generates is organic. Team members at Anuvikaz have been composting successfully for years and would like to share the story of creating black gold!

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Biodynamic Farming Similar to Organic farming, Anuvikaz has been digging its hands into the fertile soil of Nilgiris. Experimenting with concepts of Biodynamic Farming like Community Supported Agriculture model,Cover Crops,Green Manure,etc. we have been growing produce that is fresh off the unpolluted Earth. To volunteer or visit our farm in Kotagiri, please contact:.

Organic Farming: Our Organic foods are Nutritious, Healthy, Delicious, Non- Toxic and they improve & regenerate Soil Health. These organic do not Poison Water Flow Offs. It is Zero Cost To Farmers. To know more. Click here -