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India has a unique demographic profile that could make it the most important nation in the world. India has one of the youngest populations with about 600 million younger than 25, and nearly 70 percent of its 1.2 billion population less than 40 years old. Although this seems like a distinct advantage, the question of what percentage of this population is ‘employable’ throws some disturbing answers.

According to published reports, only 12 per cent of undergraduates are employment-ready and only 52 per cent of the students are readily trainable. While India produces more than 500,000 engineers annually, only a miniscule 3.5 per cent are appropriately trained to be directly deployed on demanding projects.

A lot of research has gone into understanding the underlying causes: Absence of soft skills, poor communication skills, lack of knowledge of the world of work stand out as key issues today.

In India, for many low-income families, their children are often the first generation going to colleges. They are the first ones to attempt to make careers in the formal/organized sector and are the family’s only hope for getting out of poverty. What they fail to comprehend is that just any college degree is not the answer to their problem.

At Anuvikaz, we aim to help young India make the most of their potential and successfully transition to the world of work, through self-assessments, career guidance, skill development and training, on job seeking skills.

We also support other organisations working in this area in their initiatives to make a difference.

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