English Express

We speak. We listen. We understand. Communication hasn't changed much since the birth of man. However, language has.

Besides the regional language we grow up with, English has become an all-important component of our day to day communication. Picking up tiny nuances of this universal language has been made easy with Anuvikaz's "English Express". The idea is to provide a working knowledge of simple English to aspiring professionals who have till now had limited confidence, opportunity and exposure to speak in English. The focus of this 20-hour program is to increase the confidence levels in participants by encouraging them to speak in English even while making errors.

Through a series of role plays, interactions and free speech exercises, customised to their vocation, the English Express facilitators help improve the expression and thought process of participants.

English express can be tailor-made to suit the needs of different professionals such as vehicle operators,craftsmen, trade technicians, hospitality industry personnel and so on.

Participants only need the will to learn. The goal is to get them to speak functional English to express themselves with ease.

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