Mother Earth Programs

Solar power: We offer a comprehensive tour of a fully functional Solar power plant that doubles up as a roof for a kitchen garden. Our aim at Anuvikaz is to stay true to nature's abundant resources. Solar power in any form can help reduce our dependence on coal to a large extent.

Bio digester: A working bio-digester will soon be available at Anuvikaz's office. The natural gas generated by organic waste acts as an effective cooking fuel. This will eventually power the Anuvikaz kitchen 'Eco-hut'

Composting: 60-70% of day-to-day waste is organic. Instead of sending it out to join our overflowing landfills, we can choose to compost and convert our kitchen waste into manure. Learn how to, at Anuvikaz.

Organic gardening: An organic garden can make most homes self-sufficient when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Our pesticide-free kitchen garden at Anuvikaz will eventually feed the all-natural store 'Eco-hut'.

Eco-hut: Eventually we at Anuvikaz would like to grow, cook, eat and retail home grown nutritious food. We hope to demonstrate this through our soon-to-be launched store 'Eco-hut' which will stock millet based snacks and small eats.